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Nuclear Energy Waste

The Ongoing Nightmare


Radioactive War Waste

Another Ongoing Nightmare


†††††††††††† Robots Taking Your Job


Depleted Uranium Cleanup

†Costing US Tax Payers












Text Box: Special Edition Volume 2

New World Economy


This is the early stages of global outsourcing.† In case you havenít noticed everyone you talk to in all major corporations can barely speak proper English and thatís because they are all located outside the US.† Your jobs are being outsourced every day to gain you the best share price for that stock you own in your 401K.† Thatís what you wanted isnít it?† Higher stock prices even if it puts you out of a job?

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JUNE 12 2011

Text Box: Special Edition Volume 2

Is Your 401K Plan Sending Your Job Overseas

And You To The Poorhouse?

Its not surprising to see unemployment rise again when gasoline has jumped to almost $4.00 per gallon.† High energy costs cause a decline in consumption and when it runs for extended times the end result will be less consumption which will trigger higher unemployment.† Every business is still reducing costs and every consumer is trying to do the same.


Until you get commodity and energy prices under control you will continue to see unemployment U6 levels running at 16%.† Another major problem that has come into play at the same time high energy cost are rising is remote customer service jobs moving overseas.† Over the past several years the trend is growing because big corporations are told by share holders to get the most for their money.† Share holders demand greater returns and now when you work for a company the majority of these companies have a 401K plan and part of your earnings go into the plan for your future retirement.


So where does that money go?† It may just be funding your demise.† If you are buying stock in a company that competes with the current company you work for what would you say about that?† You probably donít even know until you get your termination notice and then check your 401K plan to find the company you invested in took your job away and then hired someone in a foreign country to do the job you once did.† Maybe your current employer would do the same!

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Text Box: Special Edition Volume 2

Does Your 401K Plan Put

You In The Poorhouse?

So now that the downturn is over and the economy isnít faltering your thinking is that the jobs will come back wonít they.† It just takes a little time right!† While you were out looking for work and the big corporations were getting a bailout with your TAX dollars all in hopes that when they start running again they can get you back to work in America.† Well sorry to tell you that now that they have gotten back on their feet again the next phase of outsourcing is just beginning.


Have you called CITI bank lately?† Have you ever talked with anyone that speaks English, try calling the CITI credit card and CITI rewards center.† Dubai ring any bells, thatís your CITI bank support and customer service overseas.† Well guess what none of those people are in America.


Have you called BUY.COM anytime to buy a computer part recently, well I am sure you will be glad to know that the sales and support people are in Malaysia - at least thatís what they tell us - funny they sound like their from India.† Dell Retail Sales and Dell Customer Service, Dell Spare Parts, Tech Data Sales - Lexmark Support, Lexmark Spare Parts, Lexmark Presales, Microsoft Support - just about all product levels are all supported out of India.† Shall we go on naming more companies?

When the CEO of these companies come on CNBC and Bloomberg network they always cover up this issue and say ďWell we are global now and we have support and customer service people everywhere so sometimes you get someone in the US and you may get someone in another countryĒ.† When they are talking did you watch the length of their nose grow longer just like the cartoon Pinocchio.† We called all these companies a lot and no one was in the US.


So when do they stop outsourcing?† Never - they outsource faster and faster because the internet will grow faster and faster.† As long as the internet gets faster more of your jobs can be done by someone else somewhere in the world.† Thatís right Engineering, CAD Design,† Electrical Layout and Blue Prints, Data Analysis, Insurance Processing, Tech Support, Data Support, Data Services, Bank Account Support, Pharmaceutical Research, Customer Service, its moving to all industries not just technology.† It started in Technology but next it is spreading to everything like a brush fire.


If you own stock in these companies as a shareholder you demand better gains or profits and more profits influence upside stock prices. You want a CEO that knows how to cut cost and make the best gain and more profits for the company and that starts with getting rid of your American job and sending it overseas and, or replacing it with a machine.




Transformation Timelines




In America and in other parts of the world there have been many manufacturing companies that made many product lines from start to finish and the quality control was part of the process.† In todayís New World Order Economy quality control went right down the toilet.† America has become a central HUB of assemblers taking product parts built in other countries then assembling the parts here to save on cost.† The companies manufacturing raw materials are often owned by the same company running assembly in the US but this varies in many cases.† The shipping of parts comes from many countries to the US.† Other nations and the USA assemble these parts into finished product.


Many of the companies have moved raw goods processing to China, India, Mexico and other parts of the world depending on the deals that can be negotiated with the help of the State Departments of both countries.

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Where would we be if we didnít have State department mogul gods like Henry Kissinger helping to create the New World Order at an accelerated pace.† Here is your New World Order at work, this is just the beginning but giving some more in depth thought to this idea in someway saves parts or regions of the US from environmental nightmares and large cost to clean up toxic disasters. On the other hand the country that is now handling the processing of these raw materials is faced with polluting their environment and not ours.


The countries producing many of these raw materials have also started to ship raw food goods, seafood, fruits and vegetables to the US.† Now you need to think about what was in the water supply that helped keep the crops growing in the dry season.† Eating foods or food mixtures that were processed using contaminated water is on the rise.


In the US we have a higher cost to process foods or produce foods for several reasons however in many countries there are no standards on sprays and the water supplies can become contaminated in many ways.† Water supplies can be contaminated from Mining Ground Water Contamination, Depleted Uranium Radiation, Power Plant Radiation, Fracturing Contamination, Pesticide Runoff, By Product During Manufacturing, Chemicals During Extraction Processing and many more.

Text Box: Special Edition Volume 2

Food contamination can and is in many cases the result of purchasing processed food mixes to be used in the production of processed foods that Americans consume.† Other factors of food contamination can be the result of exposure time during the processing stages when the manufacturing of these items are made.† The processed mixes are then shipped to the USA and used in the manufacturing process of US food products.

Accelerated World Growth Is Also

Accelerating Food Contamination

Outsource Jobs

Import Contaminated Food

Transformation Timelines




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Products may be made with water contaminated with heavy metals or other chemical toxins and you wonít know because they donít run test for these types of toxins in most of these countries where your food is being processed.† This is why it will be important to code all products visibly on the front of the package for recall purposes.†


Lets talk about another means of food processing contamination, in this case you have a manufacturing company ďCompany AĒ which makes Apple Pies.† ďCompany AĒ gets apples from one source and it gets the flour from a second source and it gets corn sweetener from a 3rd source.† ďCompany AĒ processes the food but does not know that the corn sweetener they are buying has been contaminated with heavy metal like mercury or other metals.† In the example we just sited this can and is happening.† To gather more in site into this issue read this press release from the IATP January 26 2009 - Brand Name food products contain mercury from corn syrup and the companies that were sited are - Quaker, Hersheyís, Kraft, and Smuckerís.

Text Box: Special Edition Volume 2

Documented Food Contamination Cases are Growing

Sometimes some countries like China try and cut corners on processing at any cost and an example of this may best be remembered in September of 2008 when the Food and Drug Administration is alerted Asian and ethnic markets across the USA that infant formula made in China may be contaminated with Melamine - refer to this link for details it was more then just baby formula (ucm179005).


When you read through all of the 27products listed on the FDA page that had Melamine in them it is a bit scary.† But now lets talk about what is missed when products are processed like the water supply contaminated with heavy metals from mining and drilling.


Water is used in processing foods you may eat or drinks like teas and soda as well as many others.† How would you know the product was made with contaminated water with that trusted brand name and friendly wrapper.†


China A Source For Concern

Transformation Change




Industries all over the United States have been eroded as NAFTA, CAFTA and the WTO put forward the plan to push free market trading globally.† Most of these plans were developed before the internet was created for business use.


NAFTA was started back when Ronald Reagan was in office.† NAFTA is a trade agreement that is designed to strengthen the North American countries allowing free trade between the North American countries which provides better competition against products from Asia and Europe.† NAFTA started by President Reagan in 1981 but later signed into law by Clinton 12/08/1993.† NAFTA since that time has really done nothing to employee people and pro NAFTA people seem to be concerned about the welfare of corporations and not people.



Text Box:


While NAFTA and CAFTA sound like a great way to keep manufacturing running in North America, manufacturing companies see no real advantage to making products in the US with expensive land, Taxes, labor and unions controlling labor.


Over the last 10 years there has been increased movement to put manufacturing plants into Mexico instead of the US.† Companies like Dell have taken this option and started manufacturing the server line and workstations in Mexico.† The continued erosion of US manufacturing facilities has become evident in many cities around the US.† Timeline and industrial cycles play a roll in decreased manufacturing facilities.† The carpet mills of long ago that employed millions of people in the US started out up in the North Eastern US and then slowly migrated to the southern states where labor and cost of doing business was cheaper until finally companies just moved entire operations over to Asia as global transport became cheaper.


Efforts to bring manufacturing back into the North American countries seems to profit only the very biggest companies while all of the other smaller companies are stuck competing with high land cost, expensive rental space, and expensive wages because they have no bargaining leverage.

Text Box: Special Edition Volume 2



Is It Good For Everyone In America

Transformation Change




Lets take a close look at the computer industry in the US which was at the start of the growth cycle back in 1994.† The US was exporting $160,000,000 gross dollars of computer and computer related hardware and semi-conductors in 1994.† In 1994 the world population was only 5,606,338,688 and in 2011 it is now 7,001,002,000.† Thatís an increase of 1.5 Billion people greater then in 1994 and yet our exports of Computers, Peripherals and Semi-Conductors have fallen to an all time low of only $60,000,000.† That means that NAFTA and CAFTA trade did just the opposite of what they should have.† When you consider that the US was the innovator of the Computer, Software, Internet and all of its subcomponents this is a disgrace and you should probably fire all of your State Representatives and Senators for passing NAFTA.

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Where Are All Of The NAFTA JOBS?

The great savor of the US was NAFTA and CAFTA and now SPP Security and Prosperity Partnership.† Do you really wonder where the jobs have gone in the country?† Do you think you can just build houses and roads and that will put people to work and then what.† Its time you woke up because unless you make products you canít survive as a country making homes and roads.


The order is Product Demand, Factories, Energy, Resources, Roads and then Homes not the other way around which is what some will have you believe.† Lets take a look at what your country is doing with NAFTA and SPP.† The videos look into NAFTA and SPP issues in 2007-2008 and are just a reminder that troubles didnít go away and they are now talking about starting the US and Mexico Trans Texas Corridor again using small sections of existing highways.


Understanding NAFTA and SPP

Text Box: Special Edition Volume 2


US Labor Force Battling Three Fronts Of The Economic War

There was a time when computers and robotics were made in the US and even though technology replaced humans in the early phase of the technology revolution the computer technology, robotics and software created jobs in the US so there is an offset in the early stages of the transition.†† As time passed these technology jobs were outsourced for cheap labor and inexpensive factory costs.


Manufacturing of these technologies in Asia and other parts of the world took jobs away from US citizens and the only US jobs created were warehousing, transit, deployment, and maintenance jobs.†† As your population grows you always need transitional jobs and part time factory work as your society adjusts for the transitional changes created by congress and corporate conglomerates.


Transitional changes occur at faster rates as time moves forward.† This creates shorter and shorter timelines between jobs for the citizens of your country.

Text Box:


Text Box: Special Edition Volume 2

1. Product Manufactured in Asia Secured Under WTO Regulation

and Shipped by Boat and Sold in the US.


2. Low Cost NAFTA Product Manufactured in Mexico Shipped to the US Tariff Free.


3.† Robotics and Automated Computers Systems Replacing People.

During economic upturns capital flow is abundant because fractional reserve lending increases purchasing power to a select group of investment and manufacturing firms.


Fractional reserve lending does contribute to extreme excesses in capital.† The banks use a 10x1 fractional reserve lending practice which means that for every dollar saved in the bank the bank can loan out 10 times the deposits less 10% reserves.


Investment firms which have access to these large sums of excesses will acquire factory property at high prices contributing to† commercial real estate price increases. These increases now increase TAX revenue for a town and state until the TAX becomes so high that the company sells off the property and moves manufacturing overseas.

Where Have the Good Old Days Gone

Transformation Change




The ratio of new jobs created become less and less as time moves forward and the pay scale to deploy and maintain these technologies becomes less and less.† Technology design and architecture become better and better in a short timeframe.† The technology we designed for manufacturing process now moves at a more rapid pace each year.


Examples of this are easily seen with computer processors and circuit design.† The first 40 years of computer development had a slower pace of design and a slow production timeline.† At first small changes occur in technology but this rapidly moves to exponential production timelines as we move forward during a current humans lifetime or timeline.† This means that the knowledge you† have within a given technology industry must constantly change to keep up with exponential industry pace.


Another perfect example of this could be seen with the Personal Computer technical industry.† The pay scale for building computers or repairing them was a very high paying job back in the 90ís but only 10 years later the personal computer has become a low cost product and when cost of product becomes so low in can be cheaper to buy a new one then repair an old one.


This type of price deterioration results in a lower pay scale and few jobs for a field technician which was once a high paying industry job 10 years ago.† So within 15 years an entire industry of jobs and factory work is completely eroded away to nothing.

Text Box:


Many technology colleges expanded their curriculum to include teaching computer science.† These colleges began charging huge money as much as $30,000 to $40,000 a year for a degree in computer science then students find that when they get out of college in the millennium with a computer science degree they get about $35,000 a year if they are lucky enough to get the job.† Colleges began to create armies of computer science students that found they could not even intern at a business in the US because all of the manufacturing was moving to Asia.† One of the biggest benefits to interning is to be able to work part time within the industry you are going to school for so that it helps pay your school loan off at the same time you are getting real time experience with the industry you are going to school for.† After you get out of school about the only thing you find yourself doing with computers is running the shipping terminal at a warehouse while you spend most of your day on a forklift moving products around a warehouse that were made in another country.


Take a good look at your technology job its on the boat over to the left and now you need to pay back your $120,000 student loans for that piece of paper that said you have a computer science degree so that you can drive that forklift in a warehouse.† Did you really need that degree for your warehouse job?† Remember you are competing globally now for your job no matter what the college tells you.

Text Box: Special Edition Volume 2




Transformation Change




Text Box:


Without trade tariffs we will always import more then we export as a country.† The so called NAFTA and WTO plan was designed to provide equal trade between nations.† The trade policy was suppose to employ people and provide jobs which would increase wealth of both trade partners.† It was said this program would allow poor people to get a job which then will create the wealth effect.


In the US we are importing more then we are exporting as well as exporting jobs faster and faster each year.† We donít manufacture all the products that we once did as a country and each year we have continued to import more than we export.† You will find that under the surface of the total US GDP numbers the US is borrowing money to pay for the GDP growth of our Nation and this is false growth based on debt.


Our computer industry example on page 8 is only one of the many problem industries but the US has hundreds of industries faltering.† A country can only survive if you have a very good manufacturing base in place to keep your own citizens employed otherwise you find that your country is constantly paying people not to work and your increasing the nations debt until it collapses and they issue a new currency.

Massive Trade Imbalance Importing More Then We Export

Text Box: Special Edition Volume 2

The combined balances on trade in goods and services, income, and net unilateral current transfers decreased to $117.4 billion (preliminary) in the second quarter from $133.6 billion (revised) in the first quarter.


The decrease in the current account deficit was accounted for by a decrease in the deficit on goods and an increase in the surplus on income.


From 2010 to 2012 the trade gap graph shows just about the same Trade GAP.

The U.S. Current-Account Deficit

Transformation Change




To try and battle low cost labor in Mexico and China some manufacturers have opted to use robotics.† Robotics however replace humans and this does not increase jobs for US employees.† In some cases however advanced tooling machines can make a company more competitive at first however in todayís new world this advantage to a US company is sliding away.† This happens when a company that makes robotics decides they want the same benefits as all the other greedy companies want ďMore ProfitsĒ.† So even a US robotics company may end up making the robots in China and then ship them to the US to be assembled on a factory floor for a customer.


There is nothing to say that a company in China would not also buy the robots to become more productive except for one thing a different belief system.† Something we learned several months ago is if youíre a business manufacturing in China you are respected more and looked upon as a favored company based on how many people you have working for you.

Robots Making Robots

Robots Taking Your Job

A small inefficient country can become very competitive using robots and when factories of robots make more robots a person now has to compete even harder globally to put food on the table.

If you try and sell a Chinese company a more modern technology that replaces humans you may not be able to sell your technology because the buyer in China would NOT be viewed favorable and they would be view as a company of no power.† The more workers you have the greater respect the people have for your company and the appearance of greater power.


Take a good look at your future above!† Do you see any humans on the factory floor?† Do you think this will end hunger and stop unemployment in the US?† The Japanese have developed and made use of robotics but the Chinese are less inclined to do so and they are smarter because it will give poor people a chance to earn a living just like the industrial revolution did for the US worker.† To fill a factory in China with robots and not put people to work would not be likely and when you have many people wanting work there is no need to buy expensive machines when people can work and want to work.


Once you play the video to the left you quickly understand itís only a matter of time before unemployment goes even higher.† Some financial analyst tell you we are going to be in trouble when the baby boomers retire because we wonít have the work force to be productive well we have news take a good look at your future to the left.† The factory you are looking at is in Japan and unlike the Chinese they take advantage of becoming more productive using robots but if everyone used robots no person would have work except a handful of people.† Its always okay at first until later when the next phase change occurs.

Where Are All The Employees

Text Box:


Text Box: Special Edition Volume 2

Transformation Change




Text Box:


A few pages back we showed a photo of a person driving a forklift and we made a comment that your Information Technology Degree got you that job.† Its not much of a joke when you went to school for Information Technology and when you come out you have to take what you can get.† We have talked with several people who ended up doing just that.


Now for some more bad news, if the company you are working for has any size to it your Forklift Operator job may now be replaced by the automated robot unit shown on the left.† Radio Frequency Guided Forklift robot taking your job again just when you thought you might have something steady for a while.


Todayís technology systems get more advanced each year and constantly do more and with that there is the risk of loosing work for high school students that need part time work and people that are in between jobs or nearing retirement.

Creating Global Financial Competition In Foreign Nations

Text Box: Special Edition Volume 2

Large corporate conglomerates get so big that they can no longer expand operations in their own country but if they take their operation to a different nation they can expand and increase profits for the company.† The US State Department is designed to make this happen and backed by our countries military.† Now we fast forward to the current time and we see that China and other areas of the world have come to the USA and observed the economic model used here.† They have then gone back home to embrace this and compete with the US and other nations.


The US banking cartel also has shown them a model to increase capital flows.† These foreign countries are willing to pay the banks for this knowledge.† Then the US investment dollars flow into these countries to stimulate the country as a trading partner.† So rather then investing in America investors take capital flows into a foreign country which will compete with the US at some point in time.† When this model is copied around the world you now have increased your competition at exponential rates and created a National Security issue.


When colleges turn out armies of people in your field of interest and automation and foreign countries are now directly competing for your job where does that leave you?† The fact is there will never be a time when a single country can have its entire population as an army of brainiacs to do economic battles with foreign nations yet each Presidential Administration talks to you like this is the answer.† As each population grows in size this issue occurs at exponential rates as time moves forward and with that so does the technology we develop.† Each year our population increases in our country and we develop greater automated systems and robots that do more at a faster rate then previous years.


If you could have a nation of brainiacs and no other nation could do the same every country could employ your people to help them create factories and services to mimic your country.† At first your nation becomes strong and employs vast amounts your citizens until the nations that you have been building up now use your methods in everything they do and then they become your competitor in the world because your country and State Department turned on the switch. This is the case with the US and the US State Department.

These low wage jobs fuel the economy and provide important real industry environments to get actual job experience rather then reading about it from a book in school.

Nuclear Energy Waste The Ongoing Nightmare




Text Box:


Just a thought!

Would you want to get paid to

clean up leaking radioactive waste?


Well you could just leave it in a

big pile somewhere in the

desert canít you?


Just put up a sign Radio Active Material

Area like the one in the link below!

Food and water to be the next wave of contamination passing into the food production chain.† Nuclear waste has always been a concern and is still a growing concern because no one wants the spent fuel passing through their town and they donít want the fuel deposited in the land where they live.† As if this were not bad enough you will continue to have Nuclear disasters accelerating because more of these plants are being built globally.† The next one will contaminate water supplies and this will affect your food processing.† You wonít be able to grow products to eat and your cost to live in any contaminated region will sky rocket or you will be forced to evacuate and live your life behind in an invisible barrier of radio active contamination.


Another wonderful example of Nuclear waste leaking into the water supply can be seen in France in 2006 when water levels were found to have contained high levels of radioactivity in Soulaine.† Water used to make French Champion becoming contaminated by radioactive waste leaking into ground water supplies.† Think about the movement of the earths tectonic plates because it happens all the time and when you bury radioactive waste in a depleted uranium and cement casing it just might not be strong enough to withstand an earthquake.† In the case of France it appears it didnít even require a tremor to cause contamination but once it starts leaking your not going to get it fixed very fast or maybe it will never get fixed and you will have to live with 450,000 years of contamination.

Protesting Nuclear Transportation

Nuclear Fuel Transportation

Water Contaminated With Radiation

Text Box: Special Edition Volume 2

Radioactive War Waste Another Ongoing Nightmare





Text Box:


The Gulf War released as much a 320 tons of† Depleted Uranium munitions.† US tanks fired as much as 50 tons of 120mm depleted uranium rounds.† Many people had no idea of what caused gulf war syndrome but now its believed that the cause is related to fragments of depleted uranium rounds poisoning solders and civilian populations.


Depleted uranium can contaminate water supplies and food sources as well as food made using contaminated water.† You may even buy a processed product like a food product that was manufactured in a country with ground water contaminated with depleted uranium.† Funding a war with TAX dollars and then buying radioactive food supplies during peace time.

The IAEAís web site states that depleted uranium has no health affect on humans this however contradicts independent research by radioactive researchers and scientists which is what the IAEA claims is there purpose.† Below is a film which talks about procedures for handling damaged equipment during war and it also details the handling of contaminated equipment.† From this video you can see that there is concern for being in and around equipment damaged by depleted uranium rounds.† The first thing we concluded after reading countless reports of depleted uranium contamination is that most of the contamination is derived from the burning of metal when an enemy vehicle is struck by the DU ordinance.† Breathing dust from damaged or destroyed† vehicles would be the means from which the radioactive dust can enter the bloodstream and cause radioactive poisoning.

When a depleted uranium round strikes a vehicle the round burns the metal and become so hot that the metal vaporizes and the smoke or metals contain dust as small as 1 micron in size which will pass from the lungs into the bloodstream of a human if you have direct expose during combat conditions.†


Once the bloodstream contains the radioactive contaminate it can only be filtered out by the liver but not all of the radioactive material gets out of the body and the amount that remains will cause cancer and will contribute to a child being born with damaged chromosomes.† This damage creates massive birth defects which is now seen from US soldiers as well as civilian populations with exposure to depleted uranium particles.† Particles can and do blow from the wind which can be carried into water supplies as well as growing areas for food crops further adding to the levels of intake by human and animal populations.† This is multisource contamination not single source contamination.

How Accurate Are The IAEAís Findings?

Text Box: Special Edition Volume 2

Depleted Uranium

Depleted Uranium Cleanup Costs From War

Text Box:


Depleted uranium is pyrophoric and burns metal into a vapor that releases small alpha particles that are so small that when they are inhaled they enter the bloodstream.† Some particles are so small they can travel into the cells of the body which can cause the cell to mutate and as it divides the DNA instruction will be damaged which then is the start of cancer cells.†


Cells of the bones and cells of organs of the human body can also be affected depending on where the material gets into.† This is the main reason why you would get cancer later and suffer additional conditions of various illness that can last for the rest of your shortened life.

Depleted Uranium weapons are being stocked for use by at least 15 countries and the numbers are climbing.† 148 states are calling for transparency over depleted uranium use.† The US, UK, Israel, and France vote NO at the United Nations Assembly in 2010 when it was announced that countries are required to report where Depleted Uranium weapons were fired.† Some of the other countries abstained from the vote and most of those countries are part of the 15 countries that are now deploying DU weapons in their armed services.† The depleted uranium munitions breakdown and can spread into the water table over time.

The cost to clean up munitions is going to be an added cost to using these weapons which will cost the tax payers of this country additional money they donít have.† There are also obligations of removing damaged Abrams Tanks from the battle field that have been damaged.† These tanks must be wrapped in a plastic saran material to prevent the depleted uranium dust from blowing out all over the ground.


The Abrams tanks are handled by a recovery crew and shipped back to the US where many are found on railroad tracks waiting for an order and finance to bury these damaged systems in the ground.† Sometimes the damaged tanks must be incased with a depleted uranium case before burial.† Companies that process† depleted uranium also pose a hazard and in the case of the Starmet Corporation of Concord Massachusetts it was found to be contaminated inside and out with high amounts of radioactivity so the building is being torn down.† See the U.S.NRC for the full report on this.

Depleted Uranium Munitions Are Used in Several Weapons Systems


Text Box: Special Edition Volume 2

The Cost of Toxic Cleanup

DU Vaporizes Metal

Depleted Uranium Contaminating US Products

Text Box:

The combination of metal shortages globally and the starving people living in war ridden countries without a viable economy encourages metal scavenging.†† Donít be surprised if you buy products in the US that were manufactured using reprocessed contaminated metals from one of war regions of the world.† We figured it was bound to start happening and it appears that it is happening, view the video below with Dr. Doug Rokke and get a full detail of what toxic depleted uranium really is and at the end of the video you will hear about the US Navy using cooking pans that were made from recycled depleted uranium metal.† DU metal was sent to Japan and used to make car parts, a bumper was found to be made from DU scrap metal.


Is the manufacturing of DU or the cleanup of DU safe?† What can happen to a company handling waste products of depleted uranium,† you may want to take a closer look at this link about a closed DU company called† Nuclear Metals, Inc. located in Concord MA.† This company site of 46 acres is listed by the EPA as a National Priority cleanup site!† So let us see if we got this right, a company that was involved in cleaning up depleted uranium needs a different company to come over to help them clean up their company that was responsible for cleaning up depleted uranium!†


You just canít make this crap up!† But wait it gets better, we found a study done by the DOE and they want to process depleted uranium into other products for commercial civilian use.† How about the highway project, well we might want to dump a little of that extra DU we have hanging around when we build that new highway cheaper!† We can use all that money the government doesn't have to pay the $428,000,000 contract that the DOE just awarded Babcock & Wilcox Conversion Services of Lynchburg, VA in December of 2010 to get started on this project.† Can you see the law suites on this one, remember Owens Corning with the asbestos and all those legal issues, the lawyers will be staying up late at night battling this mess of the future.

In this video he details all of his findings of how highly toxic depleted uranium is during and after battle conditions.† You will soon learn that all of Dougís depleted uranium recovery team have died from cancer do to being exposed to the small fragments of U238.


What is especially amazing about his story is how a senior official like Doug that works at the Pentagon can be denied medical care on the battlefield to help save his own team from being exposed and once exposed to the toxins they were not properly cared for.


His story is amazing to say the least and his knowledge of accessing the levels of toxins should open everyone's eyes to see what is going on all over the world in todayís armed conflicts because DU is used everywhere.

Text Box: Special Edition Volume 2

If Your Investing in Lockheed Martin, Boeing, GE, Aerojet, Primex, and Fairchilds

You may be funding your own demise - these companies make DU Products.

Dr Doug Rokke was Head of the

Pentagon Ďs Depleted Uranium Project

Depleted Uranium in Recycled Metals


Depleted Uranium Cleanup Costing US Tax Payers

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The United States has approximately 560,000 metric tons of depleted uranium UF6 which is stored at several sites in the United States.† Each of the storage cylinders are about 12 foot long, 4 feet in diameter and the cylinder is made of steel and weighs about 10-14 tons.† Current steal cost is about $440.00 per ton and that puts the current cost of the raw metal at about $6,000 per container without a manufacturing and transportation cost or the cost to fill it with DU.† Your tax dollars at work, you can build a school with the steel or you can take over 62,000 containers and stuff them full of depleted uranium.† Well lets see thatís about $372,000,000 in raw steel cost not to mention the land used to store the material instead of building the school.

We donít even know what the current container number is but it is estimated that the amount of DU increases by 20,000 tons per year.† We gathered this information from the US Department of Energy office of Environmental Management.† One report which was old said there are 46,000 containers but then we checked the contract awarded to Babcock & Wilcox Technical Services Group we found the number increased by about 20,000 containers.†


Babcock & Wilcox now has the responsibility of empting 62,000 DUF6 containers.† Well no telling what type of container the DUF6 will go in now and where will it go?† If you have ever created a lot of toxic garbage just track the DOE and what they get their government TAX PAYER dollars into.† What do your elected officials get involved in?† Sometimes you might think its not the TAX PAYERS dollars these guyís are spending but it is and you donít vote on these things your congressmen and DOE committee members do.

We have the 2012 DOE budget report and you can see the highlights of just where all the money the US doesnít have is going.† The Department of Energy is not an organization solely dedicated to Americaís energy sources and platforms that might make to much sense and be easy for Tax Payers and congress to review money being spent.


A large part of the DOE budget is used to Fund the US WAR machine and to clean up all the radio active garbage made from all this crap.† Have a look at page 15 of the 2012 DOE Budget and you will see that about $7,600,000,000 is spent on weapons activities and another 2.5 billion on Defense Nuclear Proliferation.† They stuff weapons activity into the DOE budget and you may think the Department of Energy is taking your tax dollars and putting it towards new energy projects or something like that but that is only a small part of the budget and not what you expect as a tax payer.


If only one day we had a President who could sit down and have a conversation with all of the defense contractors and give them a look into the future.† He might even tell them they need to put their best scientist on developing new safe energy.† The US defense contractors in the US are some of the smartest people on the planet, we have excellent companies all over the US that make great weapons.† No one said these companies canít stay running but they just need a real leader to guide them in a new direction.† Defense contractors could in fact become the great alternative energy leaders of tomorrow but they need to be guided by the person you elected as your US President.


Way too much money is spent on weapons and not enough on energy platforms.† We have already looked into several alternative energy solutions which could be implemented right now today and we can be off oil as a fuel 100% and we could also get rid of nuclear fuel.† No one said the oil companies would go out of business any time soon even when we do change to alternative energy.† Many products are made from oil in today's world and this will accelerate and when using new energy, plastic and chemical raw material cost will drop enabling business and consumers to purchase more plastic products.

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The US War Machine Never Stops Running

62,000 US Canisters of Depleted Uranium

These programs were sold to congress as a way to get people working but it did just the opposite and factories were shutdown all over the US and moved to Mexico or Asia.† Then came WTO and China was accepted into WTO as a member further eroding trade as China slowly became the largest exporter to Mexico and the US.† China has forced prices down on thousands of products increasing more layoffs and factory shutdowns with no protection from our own government.† In the 90ís there had been countless studies showing NAFTA didnít work and today nothing has changed and the US is still loosing jobs.